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First Time Login Instructions

Each person that accesses the LMS must have an LMS account (user name and password). If you do not have an LMS account, you must create one. The information that you will be required to provide depends upon whether you are a provider, TMHP employee, state of Texas employee, or other user.

To create an LMS account:

  1. Click Register under the "Account Login" heading to the right. The registration form will appear.  
  2. Select your user type from the drop-down menu. The registration screen will be refreshed with the information that your user type is required to provide. Fields that are marked with an asterisk (*) are required and must be completed. All of the other fields are optional.

  1. Enter all of the required information.
  2. Enter any optional information that you want to provide.
  3. Click to check the I agree checkbox.
  4. Click Register.

 If you need technical assistance with the TMHP Learning Management System, please email TMHP Training Support.  Please note that policy and/or terminology questions cannot be answered at this email address.

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